Unique Nature Art Installations for Sacred Space

Nature's NESTs are beautiful, unique, and sacred spaces created with nature found from the installation site and region to create a living natural temple for community to come together and honor the Earth. 

Would you like your own custom NEST created for your property or event?

Nature Dreamweaver is now available to design and build your custom crafted NEST (New Earth Sanctuary Temple) to elevate the energy of your space. 

Available for private commission and public events. 

NESTS have been seen at global arts, music and healing festivals, outdoor art galleries, retreats, private events, sacred sanctuaries and more. 

Nature is currently available for custom NESTs in 2015 and will travel. 

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"At Fall Equinox, Nature helped our community create a magical nest on the land of Atlan, in our Sacred Cedar Grove. There had been an ice storm several years ago and some of the tallest cedar trees had fallen, wreaking havoc on this beautiful site. With Nature's super-natural guidance, we manifested a glorious nest from the many branches and limbs, lined it with stones from nearby Mil Creek. We made altars from small extraordinary natural wonders, and covered the floor with soft cedar boughs. Sitting together as a community, inside of the nest on Equinox Day, with friends playing celestial music, we spoke prayers and gratitude to our beloved Gaia, and encompassing the arc of learning  we had achieved as a community during the nest-building.In the hour spent together inside the nest, I felt my heart open as wide as the sky and I experienced Heaven on Earth......Thank you Nature Dreamweaver, for your creative inspired journey to bring the Temples of Nature back to humanity." 

La Laurrien


Seeding New Earth Sacred Temples Globally