Nate Hogan AKA Nature Dreamweaver

Nature Dreamweaver (Nate Hogen) received the name Nature during a 10-day Vipassana Meditation Retreat in 2003 after he had just participated in two of his first ever Shamanic Ceremonies. While deep in meditation, a mantra-like voice came to him that said, “There is no Nate, there is only Nature.” The mantra did not leave Nate’s head for an entire year until June of 2004 when Nature fully received his name from spirit after a Shamanic Journey in the Mexican Desert on Huichol land.

Returning to the states with a new name and an enlightened sense of purpose, Nature was intent on manifesting any and all of his life long dreams into reality. Spirit and Destiny lead him to Portland, OR where he became intimately involved with the underground dance culture, Burning Man Culture, and City Repair, a non-profit dedicated to creating community in urban areas by transforming places into sacred spaces. For three years, Nature promoted and attended conscious, spiritual, intentional, and experiential events. Each year he became more inspired and more passionate about being involved in the arts and living the dream of being an artist.

In 2006, Nature started going regularly to shamanic spiritual healing ceremonies called works in the Church of Santo Daime, an Ayahuasca church in Brazil that is now legal in the state of Oregon. Nature underwent another radical self-transformation and experienced unconditional divine love. He wanted to find a way to bring this healing love energy out into the world. Becoming involved with the church coincided with Nature’s adventures to festivals where Nature felt like he had found his tribe of dreamers and he wanted to embody this dream world. At the end of the summer, Nature was setting up at a festival and received a vision that he was here to help in the creation and manifestation of heaven on earth through the arts. In that moment, he went into a trance and started to build an altar with a variety of organic materials that he could find in the forest. In the morning, it was just a pile of sticks and rocks, but visions filled Nature’s being and from then on, he was on a mission.

He’s built altars for art galleries, weddings, sculpted countless earth mandalas, decorated stages at conferences and festivals, installed human-sized nests, natural archways, and collaborated on giant recycled art gardens. His art has appeared at just about every major west coast festival and beyond including Beloved, Alchemeyez, Burning Man, Harmony Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, Emrgnsee, Mystic Garden Party, Horning’s Hideout, Rothbury Festival, Wakarusa, Bhakti Fest and more. Nature is also an on-going artist in residence at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors where he has permanently installed 2 human-sized nests.

Every installation is an improvisation of the imagination with several intentions woven and embedded into the energy of the piece including planetary healing, awakening our consciousness, opening our hearts, seeing the spirit of the earth through the art, and having sacred spaces for people to commune with themselves, the earth, and the divine.

Walking this path has brought Nature great bliss, love, and joy as he has been able to travel and connect with many like-minded hearts and souls all over the country and world. Everywhere he goes, people love his work, express deep gratitude to him, and offer encouragements to keep creating. It is Nature’s family, friends, community, and fans that have held him up to keep going and continue his divine work. Nature believes that “we are all one in this dream and all in this together co-creating our reality with the intention of the highest and best for all beings.”